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.Welcome to A.W. Electrical & Control Engineering LTD. Website


.You will be able to find here all relevant information regarding our company
A.W. Electrical & Control Engineering LTD. has been dealing with the whole range of
Electrical Engineering since its establishment in 1988 by Mr. Adam Wolski, Electrical Engineer. It is one of the leading .companies in its field

We provide professional and efficient service to our clients along with accumulated experience
,over the years. leading to our excellent reputation

.Our company is active throughout Israel as well as in several countries abroad
We are experienced in coming up with suitable advanced solutions for all kinds of
.projects according to budget allocations
We handle all phases of the design and tackle any technical , problems along the way
.while committing to .short deadlines whenever necessary


The company is qualified to the international standard ISO 9001:2008


We will be honored to meet with you, supplying you with any additional information needed, and to submit our offer to meet your requirements


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כתובתנו: חיפה, צ'ק פוסט, רח' יוחנן הסנדלר 20, בניין שטרן | מען למכתבים: ת.ד. 25454, חיפה 31250 

טלפון: 04-8402255 פקס: 04-8402256 | מייל ראשי: office@awe.co.il

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